Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

(1) What is it?

It is a procedure in which excess skin or floppy skin in the tummy after pregnancy or weight loss is removed and abdomen muscles are repaired to get back that pre-pregnancy look.

(2) Who is it for?

Any lady above 18 years who has the excess skin and loose abdomen after pregnancy who wishes to look like her pre-pregnancy self. For those who have had a Caesarean, the same scar of previous surgery can be used, thus there will be no additional scars.

People of both genders who have lost weight and now have loose overhanging skin of the tummy.

(3) What is the recovery time?

Results will be evident by 6-7 weeks time

2 Day stay.

Can work from home from next day itself.

(4) What are side effects?

No permanent side effects.

Just like any other procedure, there will be mild Temporary swelling, bruising in the area for a week.

(5) How much does it cost?

Starts from Rs. 80k to 90k, depending on the amount of excess skin present.