Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction)

(1) What is it?

– It is a procedure in which nose is reshaped to correct any deviation or irregularity or bad shape of nose.

– It is done from the inside the nose thus leaving no scars on the nose.

(2) Who is it for?

Any male/female above 18 years who desires correction of the nose or enhance appearance of the nose, anyone having reduced air flow on one of the sides, repeated sinus attacks.

(3) What is the recovery time?

Results will be evident by 6-8 weeks time

1 Day stay.

Can work from home from next day itself.

(4) What are side effects?

No permanent side effects.

Just like any other procedure, there will be mild Temporary swelling, bruising in the area for a week .

(5) How much does it cost?

Starts from Rs. 80k to 100k, depending on the severity of the nose deformity.