By the recommendation of my friend who had been previously treated by Dr Suhas, I approached him in ******** Hospital. I had problem of big chest inspite of going to gym regularly. Dr Suhas spoke nicely with me and explained that I had to undergo Liposuction surgery. I found the surgery in my budget and went ahead with the surgery. Surgery went normally and I was discharged next day. It has been 1 month now and I am happy with the result. I have flat chest now and am continuing my gym workout. Thank you

– Pradeep, Mysore



I approached Dr Suhas for tummy tuck, since I was not happy with the way my tummy was looking after a previous surgery and pregnancy. I was very happy with the way he spoke, and he patiently answered all my questions. The procedure cost which he quoted was also reasonable and I went ahead with the surgery.                                                                                                                                         

My surgery went through smoothly and I was discharged next day. Stitches were removed after a week and I was very happy with the result I got. I highly recommend Dr Suhas as he is an kind and honest doctor. Thank you Doc.                                                                                           

– Rinku, Bangalore



Doctor is very friendly and clear in explaining the issue and giving appropriate treatment. He is highly intelligent in his subject knowledge. I would strongly recommend Dr. Suhas S to my friends. I am very happy with the result. Thank you doctor.

– Baskar, Bangalore



Mein West Bengal se hoon, aur banglur ko mere maa ke saath mere naak ka treatment ko aa gaya. Dr Suhas ji ne mere ko ******* Hospital mein deka or Nose surgery (RHINOPLASTY) karne ke liye advice kiya. Mera surgery agla din karke, 2 din hospital me admit tha. Abhi mein bengal ko wapas aa gaya hai. Mere naak accha dikh rahi abhi aur mere ko ye naak bahut pasand aagaya hai. Shukriya doctor ji, mein abhi shaadi ke liye rishta doondna shuru kiya hai.

– Chaithali, West Bengal



I had hair loss since 2 years and consulted Dr Suhas in Life is Beautiful Clinic after a friend of mine suggested me. I was told that I will need Hair Transplantation. I underwent the procedure last week and it went smoothly. Dr Suhas and his team did a good job and I hardly felt any pain. I am back to work now and I recommend the doctor for anyone looking for a good Hair Transplantation surgery at reasonable rate.

– Bhargav, Bangalore



1 month ago, I was doing some work at home and the glass which I was carrying fell down and cut my finger. It was bleeding a lot and I was immediately taken to ****** Hospital. Dr.Suhas was called and he immediately operated and the bleeding stopped. I was very scared as it was my right hand. I was explained that the tendon and the blood vessel of that finger was cut and it was repaired during the surgery. I was discharged the next day. Now after one month, I have been doing exercises and stretches as per Dr. Suhas advice, my finger is almost as normal as before and I am able to write and do all the work. Thank you Doctor for seeing me in emergency situation and repairing my hand.         

 – Reddy, Bangalore